Metal structures

Hi-Raise Constructions Holding produces, installs and distributes metal structures in Ukraine. 

ООО «Hi-Raise Constructions Holding can guarantee a high output quality and control.

Modern equipment is used for metal working at the steel production plant. Any structural steel surface should be precleaned against the corrosion; the metal surface should be covered with the primary protective coat before structural steel painting. We offer not only metal structures purchasing in Odessa, but also old steel structures dismantling.

For more information, please contact our sales department at +38 (048) 777-11-77.

Hi-Raise Constructions Holding produces metal structures at its own engineering and manufacturing base.

High-level specialists gaining work experience abroad work in our fabrication shop. Certified Laboratory controls producing and metal structures assembling procedure. Fabrication shop of Hi-Raise Constructions Holding performs the following works: - metal structures details development.

This kind of works is performed in the Fabrication shop Engineering department of Hi-Raise Constructions Holding:

  • Design Documentation Development needed to produce metal structures of any complexity (cost calculation of steel and metal structures on a case-by-case basis);
  • producing of metal structures of any complexity for prefabricated buildings and industrial constructions;
  • producing of metal structures of any complexity for private individuals;
  • structural metal erection of any complexity;
  • erection of bearing and enclosing structures of buildings and constructions by industrial climbing;
  • producing of the reinforcement cages for bored piles in the semi-automatic welder GAM-1500 with diameter from 400 to 1500 mm;
  • erected metal structures protection from corrosion.

Metal structures production stages:

  1. Design development and adoption with the customer.
  2. Engineering calculations.
  3. Steel structures details development.
  4. Cost estimating documentation development.
  5. Metal structures producing.
  6. Metal structures chemical rust proofing (painting).
  7. Metal structures erection.
Сборочный центр для цилиндрических каркасов из арматуры GAM 1500

Сборочный центр для цилиндрических каркасов из арматуры GAM 1500

Услуги просчётов специалистами

Услуги просчётов специалистами