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Engineering and manufacturing base, Chernomorsk, Odessa region

Производственно-технологическая база

Object: Engineering and Manufacturing Base

Location: Chernomorsk, Odessa region, Malodolinskoevillage, 9 Vinokurova St.

Works Description: Schematic Project, Construction Projectstage, construction of concrete mixing station, fabrication shop, heliport deck, railway spur to accept and trans-ship cement, sheltered warehouses for inert aggregates, vehicle workshop and laboratory.

For information: Total area - 4.8 ha. Commissioning - 2008.

Engineering and Manufacturing Base possesses: 

  • Liebherr concrete plant with a capacity of 120 CBM/hour;
  • fabrication shop;
  • vehicle workshop;
  • compressor facility with modern ALUP equipment;
  • railway spur;
  • concrete silo stockpile of 850 sq.m;
  • warehouses for inert aggregates of 6,150 sq. m;
  • heliport deck;
  • vehicle washing complex;
  • administrative building;
  • electrical substation;
  • independent power supply station;
  • laboratory;
  • fire tanks and water-storage tanks with total capacity of 1,200 m3;
  • waste-disposal plant.