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Granary per 80,000 ton of grain, Ivkovtsy village, Chernigov region

Зернохранилище на 80 тысяч тонн зерна

Object: granary per 80,000 tons of grain

Location: Ivkovtsy village, Chernigov region

Works Description: Total area - 6.3 ha

  • silos with a capacity of 19,880 tons (metal silos Brock 10534) - 4 pcs.
  • silos for wet grain with a capacity of 1,326 tons (metal silos Brock Hopper 3313) - 4 pcs.
  • weighing room with a laboratory
  • grain drying section
  • grain shipment section to automobile transport
  • rail grain shipment section
  • control room
  • cleaning elevator tower
  • grain delivery section from automobile transport
  • platform truck scale
  • fire pumphouse

Зернохранилище на 80 тысяч тонн зерна

Kinds of works: Principle contractor (without subcontracting):Earthworks, foundations, in-situ reinforced concrete constructions, steel structures producing and mounting, silos mounting, production equipment mounting and binding, sanitary engineering works, land improvements.

Period of works: 7 months

Project Owner:  Elevator "Agro" LLC