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Zolotoy beregcottage town

Золотий берег

Object: a cottage consisting of 25 3-floor attached houses

Location: 16th Station of Big Fountain, Odessa

Works description: projecting (the following stages are performed: "Schematic Stage", "Project", "Construction Project Documents"), performing the General Contractor obligations.

Period of works: 48 months

Project Owner:  Zhilstroyservice - 1 LLC
Club complex of individual "Luxury" residences. Total square is 1.9 ha.

Complex includes:  

  • 25 individual cottages;
  • building with the operating organization office and 3 apartments;
  • closed secured area of 2 ha (land is a property of the operating organization);
  • 2 guest parkings of 7 and 9 places, as well as parking places near the residences;
  • park with old trees and plants with view porch, square with a fountain, rotunda;
  • beach promenade with a palm allée, flower beds and fountain;
  • beach complex with a restaurant.

Architecture: The cottages are seaward and situated around the territory: inside - pedestrian park area, outside - driveways.
All the houses are individual - there is no similar facade and planning. However, the complex is performed in the unified architectural ensemble (Mediterranean Spanish style).

Project features: 

  • Land passing to the future owners, unlike other projects within the city performed on the lease land.
  • Location in environmentally-appropriate and prestige district of the city.
  • Red line from the sea. View to the sea from the complex area and houses.
  • Complex is faced to the promenade with the palm allée (complete accomplishment - end of 2010- beginning of 2011) and landscape sand beach (beach club will be finished at the beginning of 2011). Thus, a unified recreational complex is performed.
  • Unified architectural ensemble, severe style, individuality of each house. There are no similar (typical) facades and planning.
  • Construction materials of high quality: walls - effective ceramic brick; windows and sliding systems are wooden with double glazing, marble window-sills and drip strips; facades - Venetian plaster, natural sandstone, marble, decor (individual sculptural solid elements, marble panels, maiolica tiles); roof - natural brick Spanish tile, copper storm sewers. Accomplishment - granite, sandstone, marble and brick tile.
  • Building services systems and equipment - only well-known brands. Full autonomy (diesel generator, water storage, potable and purification system).
  • Park with old trees and plants, the central part of which is saved and treated, new and large-sized trees are planted in the park. Promenade porches, square with a fountain, rotunda, allées, grass lawns, planters and flower-beds are created. All these complete and expand recreation area typical for Mediterranean resort towns.
  • Concierge Service - a reliable householder who can solve all household queries as well as unusual and specific ones. The cottage owner will feel like he/she is at the best resorts in the world for the whole year. Security, exploitation and associated services are evident.

Official website of the complex.